Made for Ludum Dare 38


God of Man is a strategy/simulation game where you are God. Humans have just been created and it is your goal to make sure that they survive. However humans have a tendency to eat a lot and procreate all the time. The result is there are too many humans using up all the food resources in the world. If a village or city don't have enough food the population will decrease and eventually die out. To prevent human extincion you have a few tools in you belt:

  • You can bless the land which will give a boost to food in an area.
  • You can create an earthquake that will kill some o the humans and destroy some food.
  • Or you can even send the Angel of Death that will kill all humans in an area.

By perforimg these actions you can keep the humans from overexpanding. However each action has a timeout cost associated with it and you can't use the action again before X amount of time has passed. And the timeout cost rises each time you use perform that action.

At the end you must realise that humans are fated to die. The goal of the game is to keep the humans alive for as many generations as possible. The game will tell you at what generation the humans died, and you can then try to beat that score.


Use mouse to select ' Actions' and 'Map overlays'. After selcting an Action left click where on the map you want to perform that action. Right click to cancel.

Arrow keys for panning the map

1,2,3,4 for zooming the map

R key to generate a new world

Space to pause the game

+ or - to increase/decrease game speed


  • Procedurally generated worlds
  • A simulated world where you can control the simulation speed
  • Map overlays to help identify problem hotspots in the world
  • Create 'visually stunning' earthquakes


God of Man (Windows) 12 MB

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