A fantasy console made for the FC dev jam.

The Ps 8-32m is a fantasy 8-bit computer that runs its own proprietary byte code and outputs to a 1-bit display.

For best results run the console in Google Chrome.

Check the Readme file to get started.


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doesn't execute. Webconsole shows no response when clicking either button, so can't rule out the button as not being registered by the 'actual console'.

Sorry for the late reply.

I have tested the program and it seems to work at my end.
I know this is not the most user friendly program, so it may simply be that you have missed some step in running the console.

I have made an album that shows step for step, how to execute a program:

If possible will you follow those steps and see if it still doesnt work? If it doesn't work I will have to look further into what is causing the issue.

Also note, that the console works best in Chrome although it should still be able to execute in other browsers.